Designing Means of Signalization in Road Construction

Mihai Albu


Starting off with the fact that signalization is a fundamental necessity of the nowadays’ urban life and a prerequisite for lasting developments, this article is an attempt at depicting the way in which designing means of signalization in road construction can influence or completely change the day-to-day life. Along with the emergence of the automobile, a series of safety and regularization measures had to be taken, for all the partakers in road traffic, whether they be pedestrians or drivers.
The depiction of the signalization systems in the Great Britain both emphasizes and highlights the necessity of implementing a signalization program based on a unitary concept. The designing of such a project should be done by a team of various specialists, engineers, architects, and designers. This project was successful, not only for pedestrians, but for the drivers, also, because it solved many structural as well as aesthetic issues. These issues were translated into a structurally sound project, with a signalization system, modern not only by means of designing a number of ingenious structures and fixing systems for panels, as well as the total redesigning of the graphics pertaining to it.


designing, signalization systems, concept, constructive - structure, panels

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